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perspectives on open-source and web services

Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm not surprised

this article states that industry 'analysts' were surprised at the backlash to the growing complexities of the WS-* standards. I'm not surprised by it at all, though I don't share the same inhibitions about using complicated WS standards. I actually think the complicated nature of WS is unavoidable if WS-based systems are going to be used in major enterprise-class software.

it does mention another area I think lamp5 work could be directed in:

"Forrester's Gilpin said he has seen a backlash as well, although he sees a different type of trend emerging to solve it. He said there will be an increasing number of tools that will hide the complexity from developers, so they can more easily build Web services."

I could eventually see a lamp5 Eclipse plugin, similar to the WebSphere WS plugin I mentioned from IBM. it would, of course, depend on a properly configured lamp5 server, but then could allow a more visual approach to building the php5 web services, allowing to set WS-Coordination and WS-Context attributes/settings via a nice dialogue or pop-up of some kind. the plugin then creates the proper php code and the lamp5 server uses the code to generate the WSDL's and all its goodness.

I really wish I had a more complex Web Service to build that used the advanced WS-* standards. especially BPEL4WS....anyone got one?


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