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perspectives on open-source and web services

Thursday, December 09, 2004

'encouragement' to MySQL

given the sparse knowledge we know about XML support in MySQL, it may be too early to be "criticizing" MySQL, but to me it seems like XML just keeps getting more and more attention, and now here are some links confirming that database vendors are taking notice. if IBM and Microsoft have plans for XML in their databases, I think it should be a good indication to the open-source vendors that enterprises are looking for XML features. I know we are, but given my track record, I won't hold it against anyone to write off any opinion I have on my own.

here's some lovely marketing garbage about Microsoft .NET...and the winning quote-of-interest goes to:
"By leveraging the power of Microsoft's® .Net™ with XML Web services technology, all of the CSTA programs...can communicate...to the BackOffice database server...via its XML Web services"
Yeah, okay...but all these programs are written with MS technologies anyway, so really they're using Web Services to fix some MS 'spaghetti-code' inside platforms that should talk to each other anyway! What should really happen with Web Services is allowing Microsoft .NET applications speak to other applications...J2EE, PHP, etc. The only interoperability/integration issues this CSTA group has solved are issues that are caused by MS itself. But good for them.

Since I only skimmed this interview, and I remember how badly it goes for me to offer lengthy opinions on shallow research, I'll just say that BPEL is really quite interesting to me. Now that I've sunk my teeth into some real live WSDL and SOAP, I think BPEL is the most interesting of the 2nd generation WS standards, and I want to find some project where I can apply and learn it.


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