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perspectives on open-source and web services

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Random news items

isn't this basically what a blog is supposed to be about?

if T. Erl is still reading this blog, he would have a good deal to say about this, maybe. while I think it's beneficial for code-cruncher types, the idea of being able to properly implement web services after supposedly only 24 hours of research is pretty crazy. and as Erl would agree, it would no doubt miss out on the full potential of what a Web Services platform can do. but quick-and-dirty IT projects are the bread and butter of some developers, and some successful businesses, too!

(as an aside, I have read that book, and it was very good as a starter. but please, please, if you read it, don't consider the single 20-page chapter on 'Typical Web Services Designs' as a good grounds for architecting an SOA with Web Services. it demonstrates only the typical hub-and-spoke integration approach, and Erl's book is far superior.

it looks like we bought our Altova XML Enterprise Suite a little too early up at the office. I've signed up for that ridiculous www.freeipods.com site, because my geeky nature demands I have an iPod, but my wallet demands I don't spend money on it. Altova wanted to give me an iPod all along!

just 2 news items, it seems. I guess it's typical blog-fashion, even if it is somewhat lacking in depth.


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