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perspectives on open-source and web services

Friday, December 03, 2004

back to business

so, back to business of web services, after some lengthy, though productive, discussion of open-source licensing. along with more support for the anticipated growth in the Web Service industry, this article acts as a nice Web Services Chapter 0. it talks about the building blocks, and the current, already large, web service landscape - of course using eBay and Amazon as the prime examples. it contains many good links on its points (I especially liked the article about BPM/BPEL).

in more personal/specific news, I showed the current state of the UPS Rate Selection Service php tool that I built to the Tulsa PHP Meetup Group. they seemed pretty interested, but I still have some work to do this weekend - I re-wrote the script using classes and am adding the correct documentation to expose it as a web service using the Webservice helper tool. I'm dedicating this weekend to that, and World of Warcraft, so it should be very much done in time for Tuesday's meeting with the EDS folks.

I'll also need to put down some of the MySQL 5.0 XML features that are in the works in order to keep the lamp5 discussion related to MySQL, seeing as how Tuesday's meeting is the Tulsa MySQL Meetup Group. I'm still a huge fan of MySQL, but am just discovering that it is not very involved with the Web Services I'm interested in.


At 12/03/2004 2:14 PM, Blogger Matt Crouch said...

Good news and bad news:

good) Arr wor, I'm a a weblogger now. It's really pointless so far but blech at least we're both all up ons now.

bad) Dallas PHP/MySQL meeting is also Tuesday. So I'm likely to be at that one instead of this one. If we're all savvy and whatnot we'll hook up a video conference call. But we probably won't.


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