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perspectives on open-source and web services

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

lots of good ones

okay, there were many good reads today/yesterday, and I wish I could go into detail about each, but each time I start to write comments about one, I go off to read another and lose my train of thought. so here they all are.

Web Services re:EDI talks about the co-existence of EDI and Web Services as means of doing B2B ecommerce, which is my focus at all times.

WSDJ gives some practical tips on deploying interoperable web services infrastrcuture(s).

idevnews also gives tips for delivering asynchronous web services.

and apparently, more people in the IT industry are gaining knowledge about web services, though I haven't really encountered this.

I also read a good exercise in understanding BPEL, which is swiftly becoming my favorite WS-* specification, even if it is a glorified process-charting language like UML.

WSDJ (a great resource, obviously) has an article on consuming services, talking about RSS as an example of REST-based web services, server-to-server consumption, hybrid client/server apps (like World of Warcraft's UI aspect), and composite applications, which are the most interesting to me.

that's the lot for today. I had some good reads, but like I said, I couldn't keep focused on any particular one long enough to extend on it.


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