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perspectives on open-source and web services

Monday, January 10, 2005

good title, good article

the title, "What Execs Want to See from Open Source in 2005," screams for the article to be read by open-source programmers. But, there was an interesting quote in regards to recognition by managers that open-source libraries are even more important than open source applications:

"They are now available for Web services, XML processing...Virtually any significant programming problem that is commonly encountered in the course of software development now has an active Open Source development community addressing it."

This is most definitely true, but I would say that the PHP community is not as far along in its adoption of/support for web services as the Java or C community. Most notably, as expressed in the second article, linked as 'support for':

"A lot of development environments and IDEs generate WSDL automatically for you from your Web service classes. For example, when using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET to create C# Web services, you have a wizard that creates the Web service for you based on a C# class. As you add Web methods to the class, the WSDL is automatically generated by the runtime environment for you. Using PHP you don't have this luxury, as you need the WSDL first...A nice idea for a new open source project would be a WSDL generator that takes a PHP class and generates WSDL from it!"

Well-met, Laurence Moroney. I hope to get that project going, though I don't know how many other people are as interested as I am, and I'll admit I don't think I have the mad skills necessary to do it alone. Maybe I just need to get started.

In any case, read the entire OS article, as it is good knowledge about what IT wants from OS.


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