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perspectives on open-source and web services

Monday, April 04, 2005

repeat article?

I may have linked to this article, or a copy of it, before. I think it was called "The Killer Web Services App". this time it's touted under an SOA banner.

in any case, if I didn't already say so, I'd like to change the label from "The Killer...App" to "A Killer...App." I'm with Bezos when he says that we are only just seeing the beginning of these kinds of substantial new software programs that utilize the internet for base functionality and expand upon that base functionality for their app, which can be utilized in turn.

what I'm interested in finding out is what kind of platforms that killer app runs on. I can imagine that there is a case for a similar business that would be based on a LAMP stack and could thereby keep costs lower, and thereby offer similar or better services at a lower price.

also, I'm pretty sure I need to figure out a way to run said business while playing video games all day.


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