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perspectives on open-source and web services

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

bezos stole my idea(s)

but hey, I'm of the perspective that ideas are only actually useful when someone makes them into something that is useful. hence my distaste for patents, but my acceptance of copyrights.

in any case, I've been turned onto the idea of podcasting, and I think it's awesome. while I do not have iPod (yet), I'll just pretend by 20+ lb. desktop system is "portable" enough to be called a podcast receiver.

so, since anyone could pretty easily decry my view that Web Services will take over the world, I'm glad I stumbled over to the best podcasting site, ITConversations, to hear Bezos re-affirm my suspicions.

in other news, Zawodny has my dream job, about which I'm sure there will someday be a reality TV show that I might utilize to usurp his lofty position. all in due time, however.


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