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perspectives on open-source and web services

Sunday, November 07, 2004

posting XML with PHP

a more technical entry.

for a pilot project involving php web services, I had the task of making an HTTPS post to the UPS Rate Service Selection online tool. their online tool requires that you post to them 2 XML documents in the payload of your HTTPS post. I had some problems doing this, but did resolve them...

first, I had a problem using fsockopen function in PHP because, alas, I am developing on a Windows machine now, and didn't want to set up another Linux server just for this...so, I decided to use cURL extension for PHP instead of fsockopen. but again, cURL is a little tricky to get working on Windows, but it did what I needed.

the resulting code will probably be up at the lamp5 website in a tutorial sometime soon. and the full pilot project will be posted sometime in December.


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