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perspectives on open-source and web services

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

non-political post

balancing my new desire for consistent, if insignificant, blog posting and my equally "profound" drive to avoid direct discussion of politics in a web services/IT blog is a feat I only just now invented for introductory purposes to this post. sorry, I'm still learning how all this works.

but now that you are adequately convinced of my deficient writing and communication skills, we can skip straight to the meat:

I was amazed at the amount of market analysis that confirms my amazingly optimistic 'gut feelings' about web services. a few of the key pieces are a summary of an official Radicati Group report stating that the market for web services solutions, management, integration, and security will be worth $6.2 billion by 2008. another is a brief article showing web service project spending by firms has survived the economic slow-down, leading to a market of several billion dollars over the next few years, so say analysts.

with things like this going around, I find it hard to recognize other developers' interest in anything else. I'm having limited success and un-limited frustration finding more developers that would be willing to contribute free time and resources to an open-source project in this vein, but I've never doubted that with a good amount of persistence, some of those billions can make their way into my pocket, and yours, if you want to help out.


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